Imagine a World Without Filipinos

I bumped on this beautifully-written article from ArabNews June 16, 2008 issue. The article encompasses what speaks of the Filipino spirit. The article deserves to be published originally, so I am sharing with you the full-length article. ***** Imagine a world without FilipinosAbdullah Al-Maghlooth | Al-Watan, almaghlooth@alwatan.com.sa Muhammad Al-Maghrabi became handicapped and shut down his […]

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When NFA Rice is not enough

When I was a kid, I never tasted imported rice. This is  because I was reared in the family of rice farmers.Today, many Pinoys prefer imported rice, not because it is imported. Rather, imported rice is much cheaper than premium grade commercial rice. In today’s vocabulary, imported rice is synonymous to NFA rice. The recent […]

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Life is in constant change

Agrarian as it may sound, life is, indeed, in constant change. When I was in college, I was filled with theory-based idealisms. I told myself I will become one of my country’s loyal servants. Life at first was easy. I considered myself lucky because I enjoyed everything I wanted. Little did I know there would […]

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