Review: Top 5 Bamboo Products that Dominate the Modern Home

Bamboo is always associated with the termsĀ ‘Asia,’ the ‘Far East,’ and the ‘Tropical Countries’. As tourism flourished, it has become a popular element in well-advertised tourist destinations — notably floating rivers, markets, and backpacking adventure places. There are many selections of bamboo products for home in every place. For those who are within the United […]

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Five Lamps that Add a Touch of Tradition to your Home

If you are nostalgic of the classic contemporary tradition, you must have infused a lot of vintage-looking elements in your home. Integrating tradition doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a lot of items commonly found in flea markets, local shops and specialty bazaars that will create a totally historical theme in your modern home. […]

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How to Decorate the Home with Nautical Theme

Is maritime close to your heart? Maybe you have a sailor in the family, or you simply love contemplating about the mysteries of the deep blue sea. A friend who has just been on a grand cruise vacation became so engrossed with nautical themed home that she requested we explore about it. First off is […]

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10 Summer Fragrances for Men and Women

Summer is associated with an abundance of freshness, air, and heat. It is where people frequently go outdoors, visit pools and beaches, stay outside of the home longer during nighttime, and wear light clothing to enjoy the breeze and deal with heat. When we choose fragrances that fit our summer lifestyle, it is not just […]

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Top Bonsai Home Decorating Ideas

Bonsai is as old as time. Until now, it still inspires and refreshes the contemplative and reflective mind. It has been a real legend. Bonsai is an art. It is not just about growing a plant; it is about creativity and control. The most popular bonsai are those that have survived through time. The older […]

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